National WMA Project Breakdown by room


Some have asked for a breakdown of the furnishings the National WMA Project is set to purchase for our project “We Are FREE.”  Angelyn McMurray, CEO of We Are FREE, has provided this breakdown. 

If your local, district, or state WMA votes to adopt one of these rooms to provide the funds to furnish, please let me know so we can keep track of what is left for everyone else.

Thank you,

Kelly Williams, Chairman

National WMA Project Committee


Breakdown of Furniture Costs by Room

Full Bedroom

$        4,900.00

Bedroom Furniture for 1 resident

$        2,450.00

Living Room

$        3,560.00

Dining Room

$        4,340.00

Kitchen Appliances

$        3,150.00


$        3,260.00

Laundry Room

$        1,000.00

Counseling Offices

$        1,830.00

Reception Area

$        3,440.00

Counseling Center Breakroom

$        2,050.00

Staff Housing Kitchen Appliances

$        2,500.00

Staff Housing Laundry Appliances

$        1,000.00