Making a “Splash” through National WMA


We had a wonderful National WMA meeting in Springfield, Missouri.  The women of Missouri and Kansas really know how to show hospitality to people who come to their state.  Grandview Baptist Church was the host church and provide a welcoming place for our meeting.  The activity building was beautifully decorated for our luncheon.  Grandview church was also the one giving the most to the National WMA project of Darlene Carey Academy in the Philippines.   

The new theme for National WMA is “Splash, Let Love Overflow”.  The theme verse is 1 Thessalonians 3:12, “And may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all, just as we do to you.”

Have you ever watched kids playing in water as they splash each other?  They are laughing and giggling with so much joy.  When kids have pool parties they dive in and splash each other.  This year in WMA, I pray we dive in to Jesus and grow our faith and knowing at all times Jesus is watching over all of us. Let’s make a “Splash” by sharing the Word of God with everyone we meet. The new project is Daniel Springs Camp, Gary, Texas. “Splash” and raise money for the CAMP?  The Camp needs money to improve the Camp so that kids will have a place to Splash.  When the kids come to the Camp it is a time of getting away from the things of the world.  They hear the gospel every day and they make good Christian friendships.   The Camp is a place where the mission field comes to Gary, Texas.  Let’s get busy splashing and tell the women in our churches about WMA and also raising funds for the Camp.  The Camp is a place where kids get saved and people also surrender to ministry. Get to “Splashing”!

Salvation for kids

Praising Jesus through WMA

Loving people the BMA way

Always share Jesus everyday

Showing others, we care

Having a heart for missions!!!