2018-2019 THEME




          As we go through this year, I want to encourage each lady in each church to “Catch the Vision” of Acts 11:5.  Your first thought may be, “What vision should I catch?” When I chose “Catch the Vision” as our theme, it brought to mind our WMA theme song.  We need to catch the vision of reaching out in service—the opportunities are endless.  As you become willing to catch the vision, God will show you specific ways for you to personally reach out in service.

            First, we need to catch the vision of reaching out in benevolence to those who are in need.  Since I spent 27 years working at the BMA Children’s Home in Arkansas, the benevolent ministry to our children’s homes has a special place in my heart.  There are also needy and homeless families and individuals in our communities, lonely widows with various needs, elderly neighbors in need of our help, encouragement, and love.  That’s just a start! There are many opportunities for benevolence through groups such as The Masters Builders, Baptist Medical Missions International, and Evangelistic International Ministries Shepherd’s Bags.

            Second, we need to catch the vision for reaching out in witnessing.  This one needs to start at home and in our communities as we share the gospel with our families, friends, co-workers and others we come in contact with.  Another area we can be involved in that shares the gospel is Lifeword Broadcast Ministries.

            Third, we need to catch the vision of reaching out in service to our Sunbeams, GMA’s and other youth groups in our churches. For some of you, this vision may include being a teacher or counselor for these young people.  For others, it may simply be setting a Godly example for them, encouraging them, supporting their projects, and praying diligently for them.

            Fourth, we need to catch the vision of reaching out in missions to a world that’s lost in sin.  This one also begins at home.  We need to be involved in the support of local, state, North American, and worldwide missions.  I believe each project sponsored by our local, state, and national BMA associations has missions at its core.  This includes our state and national Missions departments, our Chaplaincy Department, Baptist Medical Missions International, our camp ministry, Lifeword, our seminary, our college ministry, and our children’s homes.

            Have you caught the vision yet of Reaching out in Service?

  • In benevolence
  • In witnessing
  • To our youth ministries
  • In missions

I challenge each of you to truly Catch the Vision of Reaching out in Service. Pray about it! Read about it in the Bible! Anticipate what God wants you to do!  Take the risk of getting involved! Then, once you catch the vision, reach out because we know that there is a world full of people who will perish if we do not reach out in service to them.                                                                     

Brenda Hornaday, 2nd Vice President