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After a year like we’ve just experienced it may seem impossible to believe you could smile at the future without fear. You may look forward to the day we turn the page to a new calendar year, hopeful that 2021 will bring something new, something to hope for, something to smile about. The truth is there’s no guarantee a new year will bring new, more secure circumstances. It takes work to stay one step ahead of the future. Meanwhile in the present, we live paralyzed by fear, unable to enjoy the blessings right before us—much less engage in God’s prearranged purposes for our lives. Maybe you need someone to tell you everything is going to be okay. You need someone to tell you the future won’t be filled with your worst-case scenarios.  The only place I’ve found an answer for my fear is in God’s Word, and I want to share it with you. Instead of merely crossing your fingers and hoping that 2021 will be different, I want to offer you a reason to believe 2021 can be the year you smile without fear. Join me for my new Bible study, She Smiles without Fear: Proverbs 31 for Every WomanIn this study you’ll learn to trade your fear of the future for joy in the present. With the Proverbs 31 woman as a guide, we’ll learn:
  • The very first step to security in the midst of uncertainty
  • Fresh perspectives and decisions that bring us relief when facing fears
  • Practical ways to transfer the burden of figuring out the future from our shoulders to God’s
  • How to see prayer as a time of trust rather than a time of worry

You can pre-order the Bible study right now and begin watching video session 1 immediately! When you pre-order, you’ll also receive a small group leader guide to help you facilitate this Bible study with other women in your church or community.

Here’s what I’ve discovered, I can’t change the future, but the fear of the future can change me. It can twist me into something God never intended me to be and render me unavailable to invest in the assignments right in front of me. I’ve decided I’m not okay with that.

What about you? Together, let’s trade the what-ifs of tomorrow for God’s purposes today. Together, let’s become women who smile without fear.


Katy McCown

Pre-order link: SheSmilesBibleStudy.com

Pre-order bonuses:

  • Mobile phone lock screens
  • Video Session 1
  • Sample Chapter
  • Small Group Leader Guide
  • Access to join the She Smiles without Fear Countdown to 2021
3rd Vice Cindy Allen
Devotional Books by Sarah Young                
These books have been around for a while but I have just discovered them.  I am reading a daily devotional out of Jesus Always and I can’t remember the last time a devotional book spoke to me every day the way this book does.  After I started talking to people about it and looking around I realized Sarah Young has several books and I plan on reading another one next year.  I think they would be great gifts also.  The books I have seen are written as if Jesus is talking to the reader and it is very impactful.  If you try one I can guarantee you will enjoy it. 
                Books in the set.                 
Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence                
Jesus Lives: Seeing His Love in Your Life                
Jesus Always: Embracing Joy in His Presence                
Dear Jesus: Seeking His Light in Your Life                
Jesus Today: Experiencing Hope Through His Presence                  
Many of these books have also been adapted for children and teens.
Cindy Allen
3rd Vice President

Why Her?

by Nicki Koziarz

            I first picked up this book while looking for a Bible study for our youth girls.  The book takes you through the lives of Leah and Rachel, and focuses on women and their inevitable comparisons.  Someone is always smarter, prettier, has a better job, the list goes on and on.  Why can’t I, why can’t you, why can’t we just be satisfied with what we have and the person God made us to be?             
          The book is divided into 6 topics or truths:            
-You Need to be Honest            
-See It Like It Really Is            
-You Don’t Always Have to be Okay            
-You Didn’t Do Anything Wrong            
-Her Gain is Not Your Loss            
-Let the Success of Others Encourage, Not Discourage You            
         Is there anybody else that feels like they need to read this book after reading the topics?                       There are two options available in the study.Why Her?is written as a book and would probably mean reading independently with group discussion.  It is more story and less Bible.  The study book is entitled Rachel & Leah and gives more in depth coverage to the Bible story, delving into all the characters and motivations.  There is also a version of the study book written for teen girls.  There is an optional video that goes with each of the study books, but from the looks of the book I have you will not have to have the video, it is extra info.  The video does cost to download.            
        A while back I had read part of the Why Her?book and judging from the amount of underlining and note writing I did, I think I got a lot out of it. Think I might go ahead and finish it now!

Cindy Allen

3rd Vice President




Literature Recommendation, Cindy Allen 3rd Vice-President

 I wanted to share with you a Bible study series  that my Sunday School class has enjoyed, and I think it would be equally great for WMA ladies.  The series is Explore the Bible edited by Dr. Tony Evans.  I have used Nehemiah, Exodus, and Matthew.  The series is informative and easy to use.  It is published by Lifeway and can be ordered online at lifeway.com.

Also, I want to remind everyone about The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.  I read the book years ago, as I’m sure many of you did.  This year I have been reading it again and it is still a GREAT book.  I highlighted lots of good information the first time I read it and I am finding this time new things are jumping out at me. 

Isn’t God great how he reveals what we need just when we need it?

Middle of the Mess review
The trials we face in this life can feel overwhelming. Life often seems broken—shattered into a million pieces—and at times we may wonder if our mess is “too big” for God. We can convince ourselves we are too far away from God’s grace for it to reach us where we are.

Sheila Walsh knows this feeling all too well—and the hiding and shame that result from it. But in this six-session video study, she shows how using spiritual disciplines such as confession, prayer, and meditation on Scripture helped her break free from this cycle of despair and experience newfound joy as a child of God—fully known, fully loved, and fully accepted. She reveals that while we will never be completely “fixed” on earth, God’s power can be made perfect in our weakness. He is waiting to accept us—having already promised to love us, heal us, and carry us through to the end. Our brokenness can be the beginning of something beautiful, and accepting the fact that we are broken can be the key to finding God’s strength in the middle of the mess. This study guide includes video discussion questions, Bible exploration, and in-between session study materials that will help you practice the spiritual discipline Sheila is discussing each week as she leads you and your group members through the journey of brokenness. Sessions include:

  • Brokenness Is the Beginning
  • Brokenness Is Hard
  • Brokenness Is Loud
  • Brokenness Is to Be Shared
  • Brokenness Is the Path to Healing
  • Brokenness Is Temporary
Designed for use with the In the Middle of the Mess Video Study
Contributed by Kristi Key
Missionary’s autobiography recommended by 
3rd Vice President Cindy Allen: 


Tow Sacks by Buddy Johnson

Buddy Johnson is no stranger to many in the BMA.  He spent most of his life on the mission field in Mexico, planting churches and loving people.  In this autobiography, he shares the call that God placed on his heart during an event filled trip to Mexico in 1971.  The road was not always easy but the blessings were abundant, not only for Buddy but for many, many villagers in Mexico.  You will meet interesting characters, fall in love with the family, and learn some great history.  But most of all, the book will remind you that God has some task for all of us and if we have the courage to follow him, he will certainly “lend us Tow Sacks” too.   And as Buddy reminds readers at the end of the book, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” Matt 9:37-38

Books are available through the BMAA Missions office or directly from Bro. Buddy at abudjohn@att.net.
Here is a book recommended by 
3rd Vice President Cindy Allen: 

I joined the prayer team at church, and I will be honest, it wasn’t because I am the greatest prayer but because I wanted motivation to do better in this area.  The leader of our group bought each member a book by Priscilla Shirer, Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic Prayer.  This is one of the most exciting books I have read in a while.  It is broken in to 10 strategies to a better prayer life.  Each strategy is combating a device the devil uses to weaken not only our prayer life but our Christian walk.  I have not made it through all the strategies but I am soaking in the ones I have read and trying to apply them to my life.  I think this book would be a great study for any individual or group.  It will be a great addition to this study to view the movie War Room.