Attention all WMAs and Women’s Ministries!
I just want to REMIND you that the deadline for sending in our offerings for our National Project-MISSIONARY CARE is drawing near. We need to have our offerings to Treasurer, Pat Duncan by February 28 which is when the fiscal books will close. Money received by February 28 will be on this year’s report. Money for the project will be received through April 1st but will be on next year’s report. Our goal was $85,000.00. Our balance so far is $45,997.00. Let’s reach down deep and make an extra effort to help meet the needs of our missionaries!
Thank you,
Jodi Rhea



National WMA Chooses New Project for 2019-20

  When the National WMA met in Rogers, Arkansas, we celebrated reaching our goal for last year’s project, We Are FREE.  The National WMA gave $60,000 to We Are FREE to furnish the first resident’ home (which houses 12).  There were two projects nominated for the 2019-2010 National WMA Project. They are the remodeling of the Baptist Missionary Association of the Philippines printing building into a training facility for national missionaries, and the Missionary Care Ministry led by Bro. Jerry Kidd.  The ladies chose the Missionary Care Ministry for our new project.  The Project Promotion committee, as well as several national officers, met with Bro. Jerry and Mrs. Sue Kidd regarding how we can help this year.  Bro. Jerry shared what the Missionary Care Ministry has been doing and what they would like to be able to do in the future for our American as well as our national missionaries around the world.  This ministry provides coaching and counseling to missionaries on an ongoing basis in order to help them stay longer on the field.  They also have provided conferences for the missionaries so that they can meet one another and be trained further.  The group set a goal for this new year of $85,000.  All the national WMA Officers, as well as the committee, are willing to come and speak to your district or local group about this project. Bro. Jerry also stated he is willing to come and talk about the project. The video will soon be available on the National WMA website ( for you to download and show your group. There will also be a pdf file of the brochure available soon there as well. (All are available below!)

If you have any questions, or you would like someone to come and speak, please contact Kelly Williams, Project Promotion Chairman, at or 214-534-9875. 
Click MCBrochure to print out brochure & distribute to your church. 
Below is a link to watch the video of Bro. Jerry Kidd presenting the Missionary Care Ministry.